How to build an organic garden using fiberglass planters?

We are all fond of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. This is one of the reasons a major chunk of people are shifting to organic farming. However, in order for these fruits and vegetables to grow, you need to have the right container for the plant to bud. This is why the trend has shifted towards fiberglass planters from wooden or ceramic plants. These planters are pots made of composite materials which are formed from the fibers of spun glass held together with the help of resin. They are what we call reinforced plastic.

While we can’t remove the inorganic substances altogether, we can prevent them from contaminating our containers. This is why, even with plenty of options available in the market like stone pots, clay pots and plastic pots, planters are one of the best options to start your organic journey. They are amazing for your plant’s health while being equally good for the environment.

Here is how fiberglass planters will help you build your organic garden:


While being lightweight is one of the strong suits of fiberglass planters, being weather resistance is what makes it the best choice. With materials like ceramic and plastic, even the slightest of changes in weather affect the planters. This causes your planter to break very quickly. Planters made out of wood, ceramic or plastic are very prone to the weather changes. Hence they are the first ones to get affected by the rising temperature or rainy season. Since organic farming requires a significant amount of time for it to grow, you should always choose them for its durability.

fiberglass planters


For any type of farming, one of the major setbacks we face is the ruining of the soil. Since organic farming requires time and effort to grow, you need a plant which can protect the soil it is growing in. fiberglass pots  are non-porous and hence prevent any water evaporation from the soil. This in turn helps minimize the moisture loss that the soil can face. Therefore, for organic farming or for growing any plant that requires a long amount of time to grow, using fiberglass to protect its soil is a wise decision.

Leave soil in a pot over winter.

Unlike the rest of the containers used for container gardening, fiberglass plant cases can be very easily used during winters. There is no requirement for it to be stored inside, away from direct sunlight. If you do not have any winter crops growing, you can simply add some soil in the pot and let it rest. There is no need to clear up the vegetation, clean up the pot and store it inside. Rather you can use this soil to further create composts.

For the ones who do wish to plant winter plants, these planters can be kept outdoors during frost as well.


If you are doing organic farming, chances are high that you are doing it within your limited space. This will require you to constantly move your plants in order to provide them with the right amount of sunlight ever so often. This is another moment when the fiberglass pots  will give you an extra edge. Because of its lightweight, their planters are easy to move making it a great choice for a container garden and especially for rooftop gardens.


Another reason why planters of fibreglass can be found extremely helpful is that they provide a great home for foliage plants throughout the year. Foliage plants usually come from tropical areas. This is why they can be a bit tricky to grow since they are being displaced from their natural settings. However, fiber planters because of their capability to keep the soil moist and not absorbing excessive sunlight, are the best options to grow these plants. They would provide your foliage plants just the right setting for it to grow.

Plant Health

Unlike plastic planters, fiberglass planters protect the health of your plant. During extreme heat conditions, because of the heat absorption property of plastic, the roots of your plant usually get roasted. This leads to poor health of the plant and affects its life in general. fiberglass containers are not prone to climatic changes or temperature changes as such. They can thrive in any conditions, making it your best friend all around the year.

Easy Substitute

And finally, these planters are an easy substitute for your indoor planters as well as outdoor planters. They are affordable and very stylish looking. Rather they can amp up the decor of any room just through their looks. They can be given the design of wood, terracotta or even ceramic plants. To add on, they do not rot or degrade over time and can be recycled and can also be turned into insulation.

Minimal Care

Apart from all the benefits stated above, fiber planters  can be a great option to build your organic garden because of its easy care. These planters are your most convenient options for your decor. All that is required of you is to gently wash them with warm soapy water. Don’t use any harsh material or it might lead to scratches. If at all there are scratches on your planters simply use a finishing touch up kit to fix them. Unlike other pots, they will easily last you at least 4-5 years or even more. Thus making it a great budget buy for your garden.

Additionally, planters from Bonasila have a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent resistance to impacts, UV radiation, water, and chemicals. They are extremely good for the environment and for the health of your plant.

With all the benefits that we know now, there are plenty of reasons why there has been a gradual shift from ceramic, stone or wooden planters to fiber planters. They are very easy to use, lightweight and highly durable making them a great option to start your organic journey with. Rather these benefits make it currently one of the best options available in the market. Avail them with Bonasila!