Mind-Boggling Flower Facts That You Should Know

Flowers are pretty, fragrant, and mysterious. If you are wondering why it is mysterious, then there is a lot that the multiple flower petals carry. These enchanting gifts of nature have unique characteristics that are unknown and are universally avowed as Facts. Here we are going to edify you about the flower facts that will astonish you. Are you ready to be once again beguiled by the flower beauty?

flower arrangements

  • Sleep Peacefully: You must have heard of plants that emit oxygen and let you sleep peacefully. However, placing beautiful Gerbera Daisies flower arrangements next to your vase will help you with your sleep apnea. These absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.
  • Roses Are Close Kin Of Fruits: Didn’t we warn you flowers are mysterious and we are going to reveal some mind-blowing facts about them. Roses are closely associated with almonds, raspberries, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, and pears. Roses have rose hips which are berry fruits in some cases. Rose hips are used to make sweet jellies or teas loaded with Vitamin C.
  • Tulips Are Edible: What??? Yes, these symmetrical flowers have bulbs that are edible and a source of food. During World War II, tulip bulbs were eaten to keep hunger at bay. Some of them used these in place of onions.
  • Broccoli Is A Flower: No flower shop has ever displayed broccoli in their flower arrangements. However, it is a flower. Broccoli is harvested before the flower bud opens for consumption as a vegetable. Now, when you know, you can add it to your bouquet as fillers or berries.
  • Hydrangea’s Colour Depends on Soil: In all likelihood, you must have witnessed Hydrangea blooming in hues of blues and purples. The sight itself is calming. But, if you come across pink Hydrangea, know that its soil is alkaline. The Acidity of the soil determines the flower colour.
  • Sunflowers Are LifeSaver: The yellow sunflowers are seen as a symbol of happiness and positivity. They are because they are lifesavers as well. The sunflower rafts are used to clean up water contamination from the Chernobyl disaster. The roots of the flower remove up to 95% of the radioactivity.
  • Flowers Smell like Chocolate: Giving you all one more reason to pause and smell flowers because some of the varieties found have a delicious smell like chocolate. Chocolate Orchid, Black Salsify, Chocolate Daisy, and Chocolate Mint are a few.
  • Chrysanthemums are unlucky: This may come as a shocking surprise to the admirers of Chrysanthemum. The bold and beautiful Chrysanthemums are considered to be unlucky in the city of Malta, where it is used for funerals.
  • Hibiscus is a Popular Culinary, and Healing Flower: If there is a flower that is quite popular for its culinary and healing benefits; it’s none other than Hibiscus. Easily available or grown at home; Hibiscus is used to treat skin and hair problems. It is also used for garnishing, for its natural red colour and diuretic properties.
  • Do You Know Floriography: Floriography is the language of flowers which was quite popular during the Victorian era due to conservativeness with flirtations. Bouquets with encoded messages were sent known as talking bouquets.