The architecture of Muay Thai training with boxing in Thailand and design

There is no doubt that Thai boxing has become one of the top combat sports in Asia, and the world. One great thing about this sport is how it has evolved from being just an ancient Thai military combat style, to a sport at the center of the lifestyle of Thai people.

However, while the sport has continued to evolve and develop in recent years, the same cannot be said of the training camps, or facilities in most camps I have visited. For me, some of these camps looked too “conventional” or “inadequate” to fit the current needs of fitness, training, and business.

Although we cannot dispute the impact of traditional architecture and designs on these training camps, most of them need to be renovated to intriguing modern styles and designs. In my many years of visiting different Thai boxing camps around the world, especially across Thailand, here are my suggestions for Muay Thai camp/gym owners;

· Your sports center should be relaxing

Muay Thai may be a combat sport, but that doesn’t disprove the fact that it also helps people to “relax” a lot from physical, emotional, and even psychological tensions. Build relevant facilities that will help people relax like a sauna, heat room, a mess hall, and even a large swimming pool.

All these will make your camp popular within and outside the region

· Pay attention to your Sports Center architecture

The architecture of a building gives the first impression to “first-timers” and foreigners about what to expect, and they take it seriously. When building or renovating your Muay Thai facility, make your designs resonate with the culture and art of Muay Thai.

Where possible, put sculptures of great Muay Thai fighters, inscriptions, and quotes. Make your sports center a “den” of the art.

· Constantly upgrade Muay Thai boxing facilities

Whether it is a small gym or a large camp, customers want to occasionally see a machine, exercise, or equipment they have not tried out. Adding upgrades to your facility will help your trainees believe that you are interested in their satisfaction and welfare.

Upgrades should also be followed with improvements in your staff and human resources

· Provide accommodation for foreigners

During holidays, most people travel to Thailand to learn and practice the art of Muay Thai. Since this period usually sees a little hike and difficulty in accommodation, you can make arrangements with homeowners and Supers close to you to lease you the property for the period.

Ease in getting accommodation will help you get more customers to your Muay Thai camps.


In Muay Thai, asides from the training and health benefits that come with training in the sport, people are much interested in architecture. It represents the long and ancient representation of both the Thai culture and the art of Muay Thai. Suwit Muay Thai of absolute surprise is a good Muay Thai boxing gym in Thailand.

Standing magnificently across the streets, islands, country-sides, and beach; the architecture and buildings are a great allure to the tourist who visits the country.