How to Keep Moving Costs Low as the Cost of Living Rises

As the cost of living continues to soar, we are all looking for ways to keep our outgoings to a minimum. Some of the top estate agents Chelmsford based and in nearby areas are seeing a steady stream of people continuing their property search. So how can we make an already expensive process like moving home, become slightly less intensive on our purse strings? We have a few handy tips that might just put you into the right mindset to keep your moving costs as low as possible. Let us know if you can think of anything that we’ve missed.

Ensure that you get an accurate valuation

It is vital to get an accurate valuation when you first begin the process of selling your home. You should always aim to call in valuations from a wide variety of estate agents. This is completely free, and you won’t find yourself under obligation to list your property with them. Valuations can vary from estate agent to estate agent, which may be surprising. However, try to resist the temptation to list solely with the estate agent who values your property significantly above the rest, unless this comes with good reason. Similarly, don’t sell yourself short by accepting offers that are drastically below the price that you would expect to see. Researching recent property sales in your area and especially in your street itself, could help you to set a more realistic valuation idea.

Set aside the correct amount of money for fees and bills

It can be tempting to start the process of selling your home, without properly setting aside the correct funds. Thinking that you can just ‘deal with any fees when the time comes’ might not be the best option if your sale ends up being less than straightforward. Take into account that you will have solicitors fees, removal costs and much more to arrange following a successful sale.

Avoid using a removals company

If you are able to move all of your belongings without the aid of a removal company, then this could certainly help to keep costs low. You will need to ensure that you have a team of family and friends who don’t mind chipping in free of charge. Arranging a ‘decorating party’ when you move in could also keep costs low. This could make for a sociable event, where everyone gets stuck in to help with a specific job or task. Just don’t invite the younger children to this one as things could get messy!

Don’t move during peak times

If you do have to hire a removal company, then consider picking your moving date during off-peak times. Avoid weekends and instead, aim for weekdays when the rush hour has finished. This could net you a better quote from moving companies whilst also ensuring that roads are less busy, therefore saving you additional time and excess fuel costs.